On Track With Quark Motorsport 4 Wheel Aligners

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We are proud to manufacture high quality laser aligners that are used by garages across the UK, and internationally.

Our four wheel laser aligners

400 Series four-wheel laser aligner for standard cars:

• Two front head units

• Two rear flags

• Set of turn discs

• Brake pedal depressor

• Steering clamp

• Wall mount/trolley rack

Need a new wheel laser

aligner for your garage?


The 400 Series four-wheel laser aligner measures setback, thrust line, and steering wheel position accurately. The gauge has specifically been made for low spoilers and cars.


500 Series light commercial four wheel laser aligner:


This laser has the same features as the 400 Series; however, we have designed this version so that it can be accurately used on light commercial vehicles.

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