On Track With Quark Motorsport 4 Wheel Aligners

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• Wall or trolley mount storage options

• Comes complete with turn discs

• Steering wheel clamp

• Brake pedal depressor

• Optional upgrades include

• Digital caster camber

• King pin inclination gauge

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500 Series light commercial four wheel laser aligner

Measures individual toe, set back, thrust line and steering wheel position. Unique rear flag design to allow alignment of thrust line on vehicles with twin wheels on rear axle (Patent pending). The 550 light commercial set which fits up to 890mm outside diameter of tyre. Unique ultra-low measuring position on front heads which enables use on vehicles with low under body clearance, on rack charging battery operation comes as standard.

To find out more about the 600 Series call

+44(0)1522 688 966

Some of the 500 series main features