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Laser Aligner Accessories

We are proud manufactures of high quality laser aligners that are used by garages across the UK, and internationally. Here are some of the accessories that we recomend be used with out prodcuts.

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Caster camber KPI gauge with built in digital turn disc

Some of the key features of our caster camber gauge are:


• Built in digital turn disc for caster swing measurement

• Can be used without graduated turn plates

• Simultaneous duel axis measurements.

• Plus and minus 45 degree measurement.

• 0.1 degree resolution.

• LCD Graphic Display.

• Magnetic adaptor for easy hub mounting

• Auto power off.

• 9-12 Dc charger input socket.

• Battery life approx twelve hours.

• Temperature operating range 0 to +40 degrees C

• Storage temperature -10 to +50 degrees C.

• Single operation measurement of  caster and kpi


For more information about the Caster camber KPI gauge just contact us today and we will be more then happy to help!

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